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in some countries, female genital mutilation remains a gruesome passage to becoming a woman. it often means the end of schooling. this week's cnn hero in her homeland of kenya filled the remarkable tradition giving the chance of others to share their own destinies. take a look. >> i avoided the ceremony as far as i could. most of them undergo this mutilation when they're 12.
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i really liked going to school. i knew that once i go through the cutting, i am going to be married off and my dream of becoming a teacher was going to end. my mind said run away. but i had to face my dad and say i would only go through the cutting if he lets me go back through school. it was done in the morning using a very old, rusty knife with no anesthesia. i could never forget that day. eventually, i was the first girl in my community to go to college in the u.s. i am going to start a school for girls in my village so they, too, can obtain their true potential. when they got to our school, very shy. but over time, they seem very confident. they are very well. it's the most exciting thing. our work is about empowering the girls. these girls are saying no to
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being cut. they're dreaming of becoming lawyers, teachers, doctors. my daughter will do better than my son. i came back so the girls in my community don't have to negotiate like i did to achieve their dreams. that's why i wake up every morning. >> that's all for us tonight. anderson cooper starts right now. good evening, welcome to this special report. sex, lies and audio tape. the jodi arias tape, week 1. watching and wondering just who is this woman? what's inside her mind? is it the mind of an abused victim who struck back with deadly force only to save her life, as she claims? or something far more sinister? that is the central question of this trial and the main focus of what was another remarkable week.
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here's randy kaye. >> anderson, jodi arias has been on trial for killing alex alexander. now the trial turns to experts and explanation. the psychology of what made her kill travis alexander. will the jury agree? for jodi arias, that answer may mean life or death. we have to warn you, the language and images are graphic and may be too explicit for younger viewers. >> ms. arias, please take the stand. >> reporter: jodi arias has dominated the witness stand for over a month, answering questions for the defense. >> did you want to kill mr. alexander on june 4th? >> no, that was not a goal of mine. >> reporter: the prosecutor. >> that was a lie? is that what you're saying? >> yes. >> reporter: and even those written by the jury and read by the judge. >> after all the lies you have
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told, why should we believe you now? >> lying isn't typically something i just do. >> why should we believe you? they want a reason. how do we know you're telling the truth now? that's her problem. that's her problem. not telling the truth time after time after time the jury has scene it. they've heard it. they know that she can sit there and look one hundred percent truthful and be spewing a lie. >> one of the things is you don't lie, right? >> lying, martinez asserted, was easy for jodi. frequent. even if it flew in the face of her mormon faith. >> this is the faith that you tried to follow, right? >> yes. >> and that's what you told the jury, right? >> yes. >> these books that we talked about, specifically the book of mormon, it does talk about lying, right? >> yes. >> why don't you tell us based on looking at that what the mandate is involving lying? >> that, more or less, you're
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condemned to hell >> isn't it true -- >> i think what juan martinez is doing when he's bringing up the mormonism and lying and what happens to you when you lie is to establish that, you know, this is a woman who claims to be a mormon. but she's saying this. she's making up stories. she's trying to protect herself. she says whatever she needs to say to get herself out of the situation. >> if it was forbidden in her faith, it was clearly not bothering jodi arias. this is, after all, her third version of this story. her third attempt to explain what happened to travis alex ander. it was early june, 2008: and roommate taylor surrel was worried about travis. >> he called me one day and said hey, i've totally broken it off with jodi. >> travis told surrel that he confronted jodi about hacking his facebook account. >> the message he sent, my
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comment back to him was aren't you afraid she might try to hurt you or something? that was really harsh. she's definitely going to get the message that he does not want to talk to, see her or be around her ever again. >> since their break-up, things have been complicated between them. they still had an active sex life. at the same time, jodi was acting out against travis. >> she slashed his tires, she broke into his e-mail account, she just did these crazy, stalking behaviors. >> it may not be surprising that when jodi left on a road trip, june 2, 2008, she said she was going to utah but turned up in mesa, arizona. >> not, like, 8:00 at night, but early-morning hours. travis is there, according to her and he's online and they go to sleep. but when they wake up, then they get back to what travis and jodi always do, which is engage in sex.
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and they didn't just engage in sex. they brought cameras into play. travis taking pictures of jodi. jodi taking pictures of travis. neither one of them wearing any clothes. >> at 5:30 p.m., jodi took the last picture of travis alive. he was in the shower. then, the details, in jodi's memory, get foggy. days later, jodi turned up in utah and travis' friend david hughes thought she was acting strange. >> when i saw her in the parking lot and i noticed the cut fingers and then she also flipped the license plate upside down on her car, there was weird things like that that stood out. long-sleeved shirts in the middle of the summer. >> and that wasn't all. >> on june 4th, she left a voice mail for travis. on the 6th, she sent a text two days after the killing. and on the 7th, an e-mail. why? >> there's no question she was putting distance between herself
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and the crime. she needed law enforcement to believe she wasn't even in arizona. >> reporter: meanwhile, back in arizona, no one had seen travis alexander for days. so a handful of concerned friends went looking for him. >> travis' body had nearly 29 stab marks, including the slash across his neck from ear-to-ear. there was a gunshot wound over his right eyebrow and massive amounts of blood all over the bedroom suite and splattered all over the bathroom. the sink. the mirror. the floor. his friends had immediate suspicions about who did it.
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>> reporter: but when investigators reached jodi by phone, she insisted she'd be nowhere near mesa for months. this was version one. >> reporter: as the phone call ended, jodi offered a final thought. >> what if i just come down there? what if i never move? >> but hair, a hand print and pictures show jodi had been in travis alexander's house the day he died.
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>> by now, it was july. jodi was in police custody, but she was still sticking to version number one. >> reporter: then, the very next day, jodi changed her story. >> she talked about two intruders coming into the house. they attacked travis and they were attacking her and she gets wounded in the incident and he's being stabbed and he's yelling and he's screaming and telling her go to the neighbor's and get help.
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>> jodi took version two to the court of public opinion months later on the show, "inside edition." >> i witnessed travis being attacked by two other individuals. >> who? >> i don't know who they were. i couldn't pick them out in a police line-up. >> reporter: and she made this bold prediction. >> no jury is going to convict me. >> why not? >> because i'm innocent. and you can mark my words on that one. >> soon, a jury will decide if jodi's prediction was right or wrong. for weeks, jodi's been making a case for version three, that she killed travis alexander because she had to. >> story one. i wasn't there. what will you talking about? version number two. all right. i was there. but there were these two ninjas that came in and i was able to get out of there.
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i did it. but i did it in self defense because travis was going to kill me. >> for jodi arias, whether this version sticks or doesn't, could be a matter of life or death. coming up, will jodi arias pay the ultimate price? >> the road to the death penalty here is paved with prosecution. that's what has to be proved. [ tylenol bottle ] nyquil what are you doing? [ nyquil bottle ] just reading your label. relieve nasal congestion? sure don't you? [ nyquil bottle ] dude! [ female announcer ] tylenol® cold multi-symptom nighttime relieves nasal congestion. nyquil® cold and flu doesn't. and his new boss told him two things -- cook what you love, and save your money. joe doesn't know it yet, but he'll work his way up from busser to waiter to chef before opening a restaurant
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the state of arizona versus jodi anne arias indictment. count 1, first-degree murder, premeditated murder. >> it's been more than four years since friends discover travis alexander's dead body. >> they said that there's blood. there's blood everywhere. i stopped looking. and then he said he's dead. he's dead.
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>> jodi arias killed travis alexander. tere is no question about it. the million dollar question is what would have forced her to do it. while jodi admitted killing travis alexander -- >> did you kill travis alexander on june 4th, 2008. >> yes, he did. >> she claimed self defense that she was forced to kill travis. >> in just those two minutes, jodi had to make a choice. she would either live or she would die. >> in a death penalty case, you want sympathy. you need an explanation for the defendant's actions and what they did. >> the defense's explanation was to blame the victim. >> i wanted to know what he did that would justify her action. >> in sessions, beth caris has been in the courtroom every day of the trial.
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>> and i want to know, after stabbing him nine times in the back and in the heart and in the abdomen and slicing him and he has defensive wounds, as he's stumbling down the hall, what was going through your mind when you took that knife and drew it across his throat. >> how long did you date travis for? >> i would say about 7-8 months. >> reporter: the defense called witnesses, including a mormon ex-girlfriend to try and shatter the image of travis as the pure, mormon man. what they claimed was nothing more than a facade. >> let's talk about the first time that you broke up. what was the reason for that? >> i came to the understanding that he was cheating on me. >> do you know who he was cheating with? >> yes. >> who was that? >> jodi arias. >> jodi was travis' dirty little secret.
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despite projecting himself as a good and mormon man, from the moment he met jodi, he was pushing and pushing her to have a sexual relationship with him. >> travis alexander, there's no question he was conflicted. he was trying to be a good mormon and probably was. except when it came to jodi arias, who would have sex with him, and they kept it a secret. but if this got out and if people knew about this, it would hurt his reputation in his community. it would hurt his standing in his church. in his social circle. it might have hurt him professionally. >> in your religion, is premarital sex allowed? >> no. >> did travis claim to be a virgin? >> yes, he did. >> did he seem happy to be a virgin? >> yes. >> and did he seem proud? >> yes.
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>> reporter: the defense, with jodi on the stand, also used travis' own words to attack his character. >> when you hear this call, it's crucial to understand the difference, the difference between the type of person that travis portrayed himself to be versus the things that he said. on this recorded call. >> reporter: jodi's attorneys argue that travis was just the last in a long line of people, family and boyfriends who had physically and mentally abused jodi.
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>> it appears their strategy was that everything that happened in her life, from her childhood and through all the relationships with men culminated in this killing. >> your life was pretty ideal up until about 8/7. was there something different after 8/7? >> i think that's the first year that my dastarted using the belt. as i became a teenager, my dad would get rougher and rougher. he would just shove me into furniture, sometimes into the panel or things like that, into tables, chairs, desks, whatever was around? he would just push me really hard and i would go flying into that. >> and with her mother looking on from the front row, jodi also accused her of being abusive. >> my mom began to carry a wooden spoon in her purse. if we were misbehaving, she
1:21 am
would use it on us. >> what do you mean by "use it on you"? >> she would hit us with it. >> she hit you hard? >> it felt pretty hard, yes. >> reporter: she said those spankings by her mother and her father left welts and painful memories. >> how did you feel when your own mother was beating you? >> when i was younger, i remember feeling -- i didn't have a word for it then, but i can describe it as betrayed and confused. and, as i got a little bit older, it would just really make me mad. >> reporter: jodi portrayed herself as the victim of bad choices when it came to men, describing one abusive relationship after another. especially travis alexander,
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admitting that she loved him despite his being what she described as demeaning, physically abusive and controlling. >> he body slammed me on the floor at the foot of his bed, called me a bitch and kicked me in the ribs. and that hurt for real. >> reporter: a somber jodi recalled that the day travis baptized her, what was supposed to be a new beginning, turned out to be more of the same. >> i was in my church clothes. he was in his church clothes. the kissing got more passionate. more intense. and then he spun me around and he bent me over the bed and he was just on top of me. i didn't think -- i thought he was just going to keep kissing me. he began to have anal sex with me. >> after this encounter, on this
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spiritual day, how did you feel about yourself? >> after he left, shortly after he left, i felt -- i didn't feel very good. i kind of felt like a used piece of toilet paper. >> reporter: for the victim's family sitting in the courtroom, the portrayal of an allegedly domineering and sexual travis was difficult to hear. >> do me a favor and take a look at this exhibit and see if you recognize it. >> text messages from travis appearing to treat jodi as his sex slave. >> he says that this photoshoot is going to be one of the best experiences of your life -- and his. he also says you'll rejoice in being a whore. that sole purpose in life is to have animal sex with and to please me in any way i desire. >> the defense is trying, literally, to trash travis.
1:24 am
>> you were still willing to be tied to a tree, if that's what he wanted. >> attack his character. >> assertive, aggressive and authoritative. >> make the jury dislike him. >> he said i look like a pier whore. >> hate him. loathe him. because he's the bad guy. he's the evil doer. he's the sexual deviant. this guy is bad news. and he's the one who ruined jodi arias' life. he's the one that made her do it. >> to the defense, it was travis, the monster. jodi, his victim. but to the prosecution, it was all an unsustainable lie. >> when do you decide to tell the truth? when you're in this court and no place else? is that what i'm hearing from you? >> no. >> reporter: next, exposing jodi's lies. >> just because you're in this court, doesn't mean you have to tell the truth. that's what you're telling us, right? >> that's not what i'm telling anyone.
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>> this was jodi arias on "inside edition" in 2008. >> no jury is going to convict me. >> why not? >> because i'm innocent. you can mark my words on that. no jury will convict me. >> reporter: this is jodi arias now. >> i made that statement in december, 2008, i believe it was.
1:29 am
and, at the time, i had plans to commit suicide. so i was extremely confident that no jury would convict me because i didn't expect to be here. >> and that you say that you're going to not be convicted because you're going to commit suicide. >> that's correct. >> you're saying that you're innocent, right? >> yes. >> and you believe that no jury would convict you because you are going to lie your way out of it, right? >> no. >> objection. argumentative. >> reporter: jodi arias has since admitted to killing travis alexander, but claim it was a justified, split-second decision to save her own life. >> the road to the death penalty here is paved with premeditation. that's what the prosecution has to prove. so where do they go for premeditation? >> they go to what they say was jodi's attempt at a cover up. like wanting a less-conspicuous rental car for the drive to travis' house.
1:30 am
>> you didn't want the color red, correct? >> yes. >> the color red seems stand out, doesn't it? >> i don't know, i just heard they get more tickets. >> right. so it had to do with the police department, right? you did not want to stand out. >> borrowing gas cans from a former boyfriend. >> the gas cans. she didn't want to leave any trace behind that she was ever in arizona. story number one was i wasn't there. so she fills the gas cans up with gas so she doesn't have to stop at any gas stations in arizona. >> just hours after killing travis, calling his cell phone and leaving a message. >> this is the ticket number 365. >> and the reason you went to great lengths to do that was if there was any suspicion, it wouldn't be drawn to you,
1:31 am
correct? >> not immediately. that was the point, yes. >> correct. you wanted the police to look elsewhere, right? i guess. >> and so you called mr. alex and ere and you left him a message, right? >> yes. >> all right. >> reporter: but jodi's effort at a cover-up didn't work. ultimately, she confessed and took the jury step-by-step through the killing. >> at that point, travis flipped out. again. he stood up and he stepped out of the shower and he picked me up as he was screaming that i was a stupid idiot.
1:32 am
and he body slammed me again on the tile. he told me that a five-year-old can hold a camera better than i can. as he was screaming at me, there was spit coming out -- or maybe it was water, but i was getting wet. and when i hit the tile, i rolled over on the side and started running down the hallway. i ran into the closet and i slammed the door. and as soon as i got in there, i began to run, i remembered where he kept a gun. >> according to jodi, she had discovered the weapon on a previous visit. >> and she said she was cleaning in his closet and she found on the shelf this gun. and it's a .25 caliber gun. >> i grabbed the gun. i ran out of the closet. he was chasing me. i turned around. we were in the middle of the bathroom pointing at him with both of my hands. i thought it would stop him.
1:33 am
if someone were pointing a gun at me, he would stop. he just kept running. he was like a linebacker. he got kind of low and grabbed my waist. before he did that, as he was lunging at me, the gun went off. >> there's zero evidence, independent evidence, evidence other than words out of jodi arias' mouth that establish travis alexander as a gun owner. there is none. >> your grandfather also had guns, didn't he? >> reporter: prosecutor juan martinez's theory was that one week before killing travis, jodi has staged a burglary at the home she shared with her grandparents. >> you heard what items were taken, including a .25 caliber handgun. you heard that, right? >> yes, i heard that. >> prosecutors were questioning this burglary because they believe the .25 caliber gun was the gun used by jodi arias to
1:34 am
shoot travis alexander. >> reporter: when travis' body was found in the shower, there was only one bullet wound but almost 30 knife wounds. and he had nearly been decapitated. an unforgettable scene that jodi claims she doesn't remember. >> i have no memory of stabbing him. i was in the bathroom. i remember dropping the knife and it clinged to the tile. it made a big noise. and i just remember screaming. i don't remember anything after that. there's a lot of that day that i don't remember. there are a lot of gaps. like i don't know if i blacked out or what. there was a huge gap. >> she had such memoried recall of years before. details meals and what happened on this date and what kind of sex she had on that date.
1:35 am
and when it came to slicing and stabbing travis alexander 29 times, she had no recollection. >> are you saying that you're having a hard time remembering things that are happening now that you've shot him? >> yes. >> so it appears that your memory is faulty immediately upon you shooting him? >> yeah, things get very foggy from there. >> that's immediately -- the shot takes him down and it creates a fog for you. is that what you're saying? >> it begins to create a fog. >> you said that, right? what right do you have to do that? you seem to have a double standard here? >> reporter: martinez was relentless about jodi's memory lapses. >> even though you're in a fog, i'm asking will you acknowledge that you removed the gun from the crime scene. >> yes. >> if you were in a fog and you
1:36 am
hadn't -- didn't know what you were doing, why take the gun, man? >> reporter: the prosecution also attacked jodi's claims of self defense. >> how can you assert self defense when you can't even describe what you're defending yourself against? really. she cannot describe any of the slashings and stabbings and what justified that. >> does that date refresh your recollection? >> reporter: martinez used his cross-examination of an abusive travis. >> she claims that her disfigured ring finger on her left hand was caused by travis alexander in a domestic violence incident. >> reporter: she had shown her still-crooked finger to the jury. but he confronted her with this picture. no bent finger. >> you don't have a bent finger
1:37 am
here in exhibit 453, do you? >> my finger is bent there. >> you're saying that your finger is bent there? >> yes. >> ms. arias, please take the stand. >> after days of tough questioning and gripping testimony, the defense would try to bring the sympathetic jodi back to the witness stand. >> please be seated. >> reporter: next, the jury's questions. >> would you decide to tell the truth if you never got arrested? >> i honestly don't know the answer to that question. aches, fevers. and i relieve nasal congestion. overachiever. [ female announcer ] tylenol® cold multi-symptom nighttime relieves nasal congestion. nyquil® cold and flu doesn't.
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why is it that you have no memory of stabbing travis. >> i can't really explain why my mind did what it did. maybe because it's too horrible. >> after more than four weeks on the stand, accused murderer jodi arias faced new questions. >> why did you put the camera in the washer? >> i don't have memory of that. i don't know why i would do that. >> reporter: questions posed not by the prosecutors or the defense, but by the jury. >> how do you determine when you will tell the truth and when you
1:42 am
will not tell the truth? >> arizona is one of a handful of states that allows jurors to question defendants, including those facing the death penalty. >> on every trial, the most dramatic moment is when the jury speaks. when they deliver their verdict. this week was pretty close to that. >> why did you take the rope and gun with you? >> it's rare that jurors ask questions. it's rare that a criminal defendant takes the stand and it's rare that someone is facing the death penalty! why didn't you call 9-1-1. >> i have never in all of my years of trying cases or reporting on cases seen anything like this. >> as judge cheri kaye stevens peppered jodi arias with more than 200 questions submitted by the jury -- >> did you ever take pictures of yourself after he hit you? >> reporter: jodi was pressured about her relationship with the victim, travis alexander and the circumstances surrounding his brutal death.
1:43 am
>> why would you continue to sleep with travis after you learned of his child porn issues? >> that was not a side of travis that he wanted to even exist. >> they're taking her story and the different times she's testified and matching it up against prior testimony. but you said this over here and you said that over here. well, which is it? it's almost as if this jury is giving jodi arias another round of cross-examination. >> do you know what time you left travis' house on june 4, 2008. >> i don't remember the exact time. >> what happened to the clothes you were wearing on june 4, 2008. >> i don't remember. >> you say travis had attacked you before june 4, 2008. but would apologize to you after he did it. so why was the june 4, 2008 incident so different.
1:44 am
>> june 4th was escalated. on prior occasions, i never feared for my life. it wasn't until after that incident when i reflected back on it, that i realize i could have died. >> and no matter how many times they heard her version of the crime, they wanted her to hear it again. they wanted her to walk them through it. >> this case comes down to those seconds, no more than two minutes inside the bathroom. that's what this case is all about. what happened in travis alexander's master bathroom? and was jodi arias reasonable in her reaction. >> reporter: it started, jodi says, after she dropped travis' new camera. >> he got very angry, stepped out of the shower, he lifted me up from the crotch position and body slammed me on the tile. >> jodi says she ran for the gun in travis' closet as he pursued her. >> i just wanted him to stop so i pointed the gun at him hoping that would just make him halt
1:45 am
and it didn't. instead, he lunged at me right around the time that the gun went off. and i didn't mean for it to go off. >> why not run out of the house to get away? >> after i shot him, after the gun went off, we fell over and he was trying to get on top of me. it's hard to describe the fear. it was like mortal terror. >> would you agree that you came away from the june 4 incident rather unscathed, while travis suffered a gunshot and multiple stab wounds? >> as far as making comparison of physical injuries, him versus mine, yes, i would have to say that's a relatively accurate assessment. >> i thought that the majority of these jury questions were just oozing with skepticism. i mean, listening to the way they're asking it. you can almost hear the attitude in the questions.
1:46 am
>> would you decide to tell the truth if you never got arrested? >> i honestly don't know the answer to that question. >> it's so interesting to watch jodi arias in court. with almost every single answer, she turns to the jury and answers it. why is she doing that? and will that be beneficial to her? >> the more they are interacting with her, and i say interacting, she's looking at them day in and day out, perhaps the less likely they will send her to the death chamber. >> ladies and gentlemen, are there any other questions from the jury at this time? you may follow up. >> reporter: now, defense attorney kirk nermey asked jodi arias the only question that seemed to matter. >> so, jodi, that is the ultimate question. why should anybody believe you now?
1:47 am
>> like i said before, all of my -- i lied a lot in the beginning. each of those lies tied back directly to two things. travis and protecting his ego -- his reputation. and my own, partially. and to relate it to any involvement in his death. so i understand that there will always be questions. but all i can do at this point is say what happened to the best of my recollection and if i'm convicted, then that's because of my own bad choices. in the beginning. >> that's what started people -- >> next, jodi's last day on the stand and in the sights of juan martinez?
1:48 am
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full months of identity theft protection risk free. that's right, 60 days risk-free. use promo code: gethelp. if you're not completely satisfied, notify lifelock and you won't pay a cent. order now and also get this shredder to keep your documents out of the wrong hands-- a $29 dollar value, free. get protected now. call the number on your screen or go to to try lifelock protection risk free for a full 60 days. use promo code: gethelp. plus get this document shredder free-- but only if you act right now. call the number on your screen now! >> reporter: as jodi arias testified for the 18th day, the focus fell solidly on just 62 seconds. >> and what you're telling us, under your scenario, is that in
1:51 am
62 seconds, you get body slammed, you get away. you run down the hallway. you go in the closet. you grab a gun. you shoot mr. alexander. after you shoot mr. alexander, you pick up the camera and he's already down the hallway. with his throat slit. >> juan martinez has called jodi arias on her story. he's put a number on it. 62 seconds. 62 seconds, jodi arias, you say that travis alexander attacked you, chased you, you grab the gun, you turn around, you shoot, you kill him and then you stab him. all of this is happening in 62 seconds? and martinez has her locked in because of the time stamps on those photos. locked her into this time frame. trying to establish a time frame in front of this jury, that's impossible. >> it's 5:30:30, correct? >> correct. >> all of this, all that jodi
1:52 am
arias says happened could have happened in 62 seconds. >> to prosecutor juan martinez, none of it added up. >> then that would mean that after he body slammed you, and you took off, he started looking at the camera, right? >> if that was what i believe. but i didn't say that's what i believe. >> well, you said it was possible before, didn't you? >> because somebody asked if it was possible. >> you did say it, yes or no? >> yes. >> if he's doing that and he's looking at the camera and you're down the hallway, he's not very close to you, is he. >> not at that -- if that's even what happened. >> reporter: though jodi stabbed travis over two dozen times, she couldn't even say where the knife came from. >> did you have the knife in your hand when you shot him? >> same question. >> overruled. >> no, i did not. >> reporter: arias says she shot travis in the face, first, before stabbing him in an
1:53 am
unconscious fog. >> if you didn't have the knife in your hand, you needed to go get it from somewhere, right? >> i guess. i don't know. >> no, no. there's no guessing here now. uh-uh. >> now, for the first time, arias suggested that travis may have escalated things himself, using more than his words and a body slam. >> if you didn't have it in your hand and you just shot him, you needed to go get that knife at that point, correct? >> no, it's possible travis grabbed the knife first. >> i cannot believe jodi arias is now trying to put the knife in travis alexander's hand. this is the first time we've heard that from jodi arias. it's possible travis grabbed the knife and is going after her? why is it that she hasn't any wounds if he's got a knife in his hand? what she does, though, is she pulls back into the fog. >> i'd say the fog started to come back in after the gunshot. >> the fog comes in over the situation. i don't know exactly what happened, but maybe travis
1:54 am
grabbed the knife. i just don't know because i don't remember. >> there's another reason why your scenario isn't possible. >> when travis was stabbed, given the time constraints, it would have been impossible for you not to have the knife with you when the attack happened. >> after jodi stabbed travis before shooting him, it highlights just how cruel her killing was and makes way for a death penalty request. >> she mutilated him. that's why they're seeking death. not just pre-meditation, but aggravating factors. this man suffered. >> jodi arias, martinez said, was a heartless killer with a very faultty memory. >> i don't know, because i don't remember a lot from that period. >> i don't remember a lot from that period. i don't recall the exact time. >> i don't know. >> i don't know. >> juan martinez's theme is clear about the fog.
1:55 am
that this fog that jodi arias has created becomes a fog of convenience. that when there isn't a good answer for this jury, the fog rolls in and jodi arias suddenly has memory problems. >> so you lied to him, right? >> on his final exchange, martinez made the one point that seemed to matter the most to him. jodi arias is a liar. >> i did not confess that i was the person responsible for travis' death. >> so you lied to him, right? >> objection. argumentative. >> so you didn't tell the whole story? >> that would be accurate. >> ladies and gentlemen, that would be all for today. >> all for the day and all for jodi arias's marathon interview on the stand. 18 days of direct, cross and redirect examination.
1:56 am
230 questions from an attentive jury. >> the only thing more shocking from the moment jodi arias got on the stand was the moment it's over. 18 days and it's finally over? at some point, we thought this is never going to end. every time she says something, the jury has another question. kirk nurmey has another question. juan martinez has another question. but, finally now, after 5500 questions, it's over. >> in the end, jodi's reasoning for self defense could make or break this case. >> please be seated. the record will show the presence of the jury, the defendant and all counsel. you may call the next defense witness. >> reporter: next on the stand, the defense's expert psychologist richard samuels. his first order of business? explaining how stress causes memory loss.
1:57 am
>> what may happen is that some memories can be retained and formed anew. but they may not be clear. they may be foggy. >> samuels went onto say that less than 10 people out of every 100,000 out of the general population experience amnesia every year. >> and, yet, up to 30% of convicted homicide cases claim to have amnesia at their trial. >> reporter: what causes this? >> physical exertion. pain, medical procedures. sexual intercourse. >> i expected some of the testimony that we heard from arias's expert about the post-traumatic stress and what causes it. but taking it to a place. taking it to the bedroom that things can happen. sexually. between a man and a woman that's going to create memory problems? i have a problem with that. >> as the week closed, the defense's direction seemed
1:58 am
clear. travis alexander forced jodi arias to kill him and then to forget most of what happened.
1:59 am

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